Electro-Acupuncture: The other way to Heal and Thrive

To optimize our health, we need our cells to both function properly and to make new replacements. To do this, we need the building blocks that come from our food, drink, and for some, supplements or medications. What you may not know is that we need one more thing—a fast and efficient delivery system that serves the entire body! Electrons serve as the high speed carriers of these building blocks. They flow quickest along the wrapping around our muscles. This wrapping is called fascia which is one of the main wiring systems of our body. Think of groups of muscles within the fascia as stacks of rechargeable batteries. We are bioelectrical beings who require this electron flow in these batteries to maintain our health and to rebuild our bodies.

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What happens if the electrons get delayed or stopped altogether?

The area fed by the electrons won’t function properly and won’t make correctly functioning replacement cells. The body will attempt to divert around any speed bumps or barriers requiring more electrons for the body to heal the area. A scar from an operation or injured tissue are examples of these types of blocks. If we experience a lack of electrons, the flow will slow down to a crawl or even reverse direction. This can be caused by electron stealers such as an overabundance of bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. At worst, a tumor can cause a drain on the area that makes it difficult to recharge.

How can we recharge those batteries with electrons?

Moving helps our muscles to produce electrons. Grounding ourselves by walking barefoot at the beach or in the woods or even electrically connecting ourselves to the ground can provide electrons. For a directed approach to get electrons where they are needed, the pathways formed by these highways happen to be acupuncture channels! My approach to healing assesses the flow of electrons in these channels and, if needed, provides some electricity via battery operated devices using Electro-acupuncture Medicine. Book your appointment now to see if your delivery system is intact!