Auricular Medicine is a sum of techniques focused on a specific pulse taking method directly connected with our body’s nervous system. It is used to determine ONLY the active points on the ear related to a certain pathology.


The ear is a major gateway to both our diagnosis and healing. Brain functioning is projected onto the ear. The ear is a gateway for assessment because pathologies will show up as an active point on the ear. The ear is also a gateway for treatment because these active points are directly linked to a disorder. Treatment, called “auriculotherapy,” may involve pressure, needles (I actually call them “pins” because they’re solid, NOT hollow), microcurrent, or precise wavelengths of light. This provides many NON-needling options!


There are many advantages to working with Auricular Medicine:

  • In acute situations, there is an opportunity to quickly alleviate symptoms.
  • I may discover symptoms that you forgot to mention, but wished to address.
  • You don’t have to get undressed.
  • This can help the body break the pain cycle.
  • As I mentioned above, there are many opportunities to treat without needles.


With auriculotherapy, changes occur in the brain which sends a message back to the part treated. The changes are occurring at both the brain and the body. The new sensory message changes the fundamental output affecting muscle tone, motor nerve, and resets the link between the nervous and hormonal systems. Responses include inflammation reduction, the triggering of balancing mechanisms and the release of emotions.


Combining auriculotherapy and acupuncture can be very powerful. With auriculotherapy the effect is from the brain back to the body. With acupuncture the effect is from the body back to the brain!